Sukhchain Singh Sidhu MA (Eng, Hindi, Pol.Sci., Public Adm., Sociology, Philosophy), B.Ed
Manjeet Kaur Sidhu MA (Pbi, Hindi, History, Pol.Sci.,Sociology, Philosophy), M.Ed

• Ignorance is more harmful than an expensive education • An educated person can enlightens the minds of the millions. • Education transforms an ignorance into a man of encyclopedia . • True education is the real progress of any nation and its people. • No doubt its roots can be bitter but its fruit is sweet and delicious. • Value based education is a sign of developing society and country. • Education eradicates superstitiousness , poverty and discrimination. • A well educated family is equal to the well established organization. • Education provides not only employment but generates employment. • Learning more & more, day after day strengthens the mental ability in toto.